I have close relations with all my costumers. You have put a lot of work in your track, I make sure it was worth it!  

Make your choice 

Send your track in a .wav file. Make sure to leave -6DB to -4DB headroom. This is necessary to work properly. When you pay, you receive instructions with what I expect from you. Follow the steps. After the payment is received, I start working. 

Send the stems you have used in .wav files, if you want me to take a closer look at your track. Make sure to leave -4DB to -6DB headroom. After the payment you receive instructions on how to send everything over. If the payment came true and I received the stems I start working. 

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Upload first or pay first


This is the fastest way. I receive the payment immediately, so I start working immediately. There are a few payment options: PayPal, creditcard and debetcard.  


If you choose to upload your track(s) first, you will receive an invoice to pay. After I have received the payment, I start working on your track.

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Personal call or chat

As I try to maintain personal contact with all my clients, there's a call or chat conversation (depends on what is most comfortable for you) with every order you make. I try to get a good look at your goals and what you expect from my services. This is also a good opportunity for you to ask questions and get more details.

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