I know the feeling.

You are a producer and you spend a lot of time making your songs, because you want them signed by a record label, but no one gives them any attention. 

You know you have to master your songs to get them signed, but you don’t have the time, the knowledge and the hardware and the software to do it yourself. But mastering could be exactly the thing you need to make your song special.

If your songs are not mastered, people will not like to listen to them and are not respecting you as a producer and they don’t respect your music. There's a lot of music on the market, so you want that special sound to get your song noticed.


I am also a producer and used to have the same problems. I have spend a lot of time to learn the mastering process. Now my songs get signed.

I know what it takes to make your music stand out!

Bruges,Flanders, Belgium | norasaudio@gmail.com
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