You have made an awesome new song, but it is to complicated to master it yourself. Mastering is essential and you know that, so you want  someone with the knowledge, the hardware and the software to master your songs, while you can start on your next project.

Choose STEM Mastering. 

You got 2 options:

1) Pay direct with PayPal, credit card or debit card and upload with WeTransfer

2) Upload the different STEMS in the upload zone and receive an invoice.

Upload Instructions

 1) Make sure that the mix down is not clipping, and avoid using normalization, compressor, EQ, or limiter on the master channel.

2) Make sure the peaks are not louder then -4DB to -6DB. 

3) When exporting audio, set the dithering to “none”.

4) Submit a stereo track 44.1 kHz – 24 bit WAV files.


5) Give us the next information:
• Artist Name
• Track Title

• Instagram link (if possible)

• Twitter link (if possible) 

• Facebook link (if possible) 

• Soundcloud link (if possible)

6) Upload max. 1000MB

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