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About me - Noras

Music is an important aspect of my life ever since my childhood. I grew up listening to bands as Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin,... as my dad and my uncle are really into classic rock. 


As a teenager I started to go to concerts and festivals. I was looking up to all those bands and dj's on stage. I could only imagine how it must feel to see al those people partying on your music. It was something I wanted too, so I borrowed an old acoustic guitar from my aunt that had been lying on an attic for 20 years. After I repaired it, I started practicing. Every day. I had found my passion: music. 

Because I didn't go to a music school or anything like that, it wasn't always easy to make progress. I learned everything by watching video's, talking to other musicians, playing music with different people and hard practice. 


At the age of eighteen I began to listen to electronic music more and more. Electro was a big thing then. I was fascinated by producers and dj's like Vitalic, Booka Shade, Bloody Beetroots, Laurent Garnier,...

I was wondering if I would be able to make music like that. 

I bought Ableton and Ableton Push, downloaded a few sample packs and experimented with the endless possibilities of electronic music. After a few lessons on Ableton and hard practice, my first electronic tracks were born. First I made electro-house, now my tracks are more techno. 

One more thing was missing to push my tracks to the next level: the mastering proces. Because I think this is at least as important as the creating and mixing proces, I took some courses, talked with and learned from people in the business and eventually bought my own mastering software. 

Mastering is a tough proces so it took me a while to understand it completely. Luckily I found the time to learn, but I also realised not everyone will be able find this time. 

This is why I decided to start mastering and releasing music for other producers. I want to save your time, so you can use it to produce your next track. I want to help you with your tracks and give them the platform they diserve. This I want to do with personal engagement.

You have put a lot of time in the production of your track, I will make sure it was worth it.


Bruges,Flanders, Belgium | norasaudio@gmail.com
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